Invitation Symposium: The Dairy Matrix

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symposium dairy matrix headerAlthough everyone would agree that saturated fat increases the risk for cardiovascular diseases, there is no scientific relationship found between the intake of (full-fat) dairy and an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. And although bread contains a lot of salt, the consumption of bread has no effect on the systolic blood pressure. Moreover: bread consumption has a protective effect on cardiovascular diseases. It appears that a food product as a whole is more than the sum of its nutrients.

An explanation for the effects of a food product can be found in the food matrix. Three international renown scientists will share their vision on the food matrix and dairy matrix on October 3 in The Hague. You are invited to join the symposium!

Program symposium ‘The Dairy Matrix: a new approach to understanding the health effects of whole foods’

Date Tuesday 3 October 2017 | 11.00 – 15:30
Location Hampshire Hotel Babylon | Bezuidenhoutseweg 53 2594 AC The Hague
Language English
Program ‘The food matrix: is it time to rethink how we evaluate the health effects of food?’
Prof. Ian Givens, University of Reading (UK)
‘Muscle, bones and body fat: dairy matrix effects on body composition’
Dr. Emma Feeney, University of College Dublin
‘Metabolic health: the impact of the dairy matrix’
Prof. Arne Astrup, University of Copenhagen
Chair Prof. Frans Kok, Wageningen University
Subscription Participating is free of charge
Public transport Next to The Hague Central Station
Parking Q-Park New Babylon | Prinses Irenestraat 1, 2995 BD The Hague

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