Invitation Symposium: The Dairy Matrix

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symposium dairy matrix headerAlthough everyone would agree that saturated fat increases the risk for cardiovascular diseases, there is no scientific relationship found between the intake of (full-fat) dairy and an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. And although bread contains a lot of salt, the consumption of bread has no effect on the systolic blood pressure. Moreover: bread consumption has a protective effect on cardiovascular diseases. It appears that a food product as a whole is more than the sum of its nutrients.

An explanation for the effects of a food product can be found in the food matrix. Three international renown scientists will share their vision on the food matrix and dairy matrix on October 3 in The Hague. You are invited to join the symposium!

Program symposium ‘The Dairy Matrix: a new approach to understanding the health effects of whole foods’

DateTuesday 3 October 2017 | 11.00 – 15:30
LocationHampshire Hotel Babylon | Bezuidenhoutseweg 53 2594 AC The Hague
Program‘The food matrix: is it time to rethink how we evaluate the health effects of food?’
Prof. Ian Givens, University of Reading (UK)
‘Muscle, bones and body fat: dairy matrix effects on body composition’
Dr. Emma Feeney, University of College Dublin
‘Metabolic health: the impact of the dairy matrix’
Prof. Arne Astrup, University of Copenhagen
ChairProf. Frans Kok, Wageningen University
SubscriptionParticipating is free of charge
Public transportNext to The Hague Central Station
ParkingQ-Park New Babylon | Prinses Irenestraat 1, 2995 BD The Hague

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